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It is important to speak with your doctor regarding any medical issues, and prior to making any modifications or adding supplements to any health program.

Are you aware of the ingredients in your medication?

When buying prescription drugs the first information we generally seek is the intended function. It is important to know if the medication can help to prevent illness or ease symptoms. However, few look beyond this and scrutinize each ingredient.

Many medications are manufactured in labs through mixing various chemical and ingredient. They typically fall into two groups: active and inactive.

Active ingredients are the key ingredient in medicine, which gives it its power. The active ingredient is subject to several years, or even decades of research and development before they are accepted for use in medicine.

A non-active ingredient, however it can enhance the flavor, texture, or stability of the drug. Inactive ingredients, however, can be manufactured synthetically and are not natural or taken directly from nature.

What makes a medicine “Clean Medicine”? Genexa Explains

Genexa declares itself to be one of the very initial “clean medicine” company in the U.S. It defines “clean medicine” as “medicine made with the same active ingredients you need, but without the artificial ones you don’t.” In this context, “artificial ingredients” refer to inactive synthetic substances.

Clean medicine from Genexa uses the same active ingredients utilized by many of the herbal brands available in the present. These are usually components that have been through many years of study and have been proven to work for their intended purpose. But what sets Genexa’s medication from its competitors is its extensive list of non-active components. Genexa states that none of its medicines contain synthetic active ingredients. Genexa states that synthetically produced inactive ingredients can cause digestive or other health problems.

Genexa has an extensive list of inactive ingredients that the company claims are synthesized and won’t be used within any product of the company. The list includes:

There are many who lack the ability to fall asleep at the point where their head touches their pillow. If you’re one of them think about an organic sleep aid. Genexa Sleepology is an “clean medicine” that contains important ingredients like chamomile, alfalfa. The active ingredients are formulated into chewable tablets that are designed to aid in insomnia and restlessness. Furthermore, Sleepology is a melatonin-free sleep aid, which means it can help avoid negative effects of melatonin like headache, irritability and stomach cramps.

Genexa provides a variant of Sleepology specifically designed for children three to eleven years old. Sleepology for kids Sleepology includes the most important elements that makes Sleepology to adults an bestseller however at a dose suitable for young children. It’s made to provide children the restful and deep sleep they require to grow and feel refreshed when they wake up.

The causes of fatigue and irritability can be linked to stress. Genexa Stress is the nondrowsy supplement, was created to alleviate these issues and offer relief. Its two most important ingredients, aconitum napellus as well as carbonica calcarea, are both active ingredients that may aid in:

The process of traveling across time zones can cause an impact on your body. A lot of people experience a mix of disorientation and fatigue, but the worst consequence of moving between one zone and the next is the disruption of sleep and wake patterns. Genexa Jet Lag is formulated to alleviate jet lag, so that you’re less tired traveling. It has active ingredients such as arnica montana and cinchona offficinalis both of which can be beneficial in the following areas:

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