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As 2021 began, the comedian from Boston Shivani believed that her life was a perpetual routine of stand-up performances and drinking, eating and smoking cigarettes. The unhealthy lifestyle could continue if the COVID-19 pandemic not forced Shivani to stay many others — at home for the majority of the last year and one-half years.

At the beginning of the year 2021, Shivani moved into Boston in the last ten years being within South Carolina and was in the process of quitting her 16-year-old habit of smoking. The challenges of the epidemic forced Shivani to take a slow down, concentrate on herself , and think about. She realized that it was moment to make some life-altering options to make, or as she put it as, for her to “clean house” and start with a fresh start.

Growing up in an immigrants Sri Lankan household that struggled to survive, Shivani found that she had absorbed the family’s habits. They could have helped increase their income , but they were unhealthy. “We didn’t throw away food at all,” Shivani recounted in an interview for Newsweek. “So oftentimes, I would eat beyond being full to not waste [any food].”

The habit of eating when she was already satisfied was an aspect of a life style that Shivani called “fairly sedentary.” Shivani was taught that she wasn’t capable of losing weight as she was always seen as to be a “big kid.” This led to her becoming not a fan of diets or any kind of exercise and the belief that she had to work out to lose weight was absurd.

What has got Shivani (here in 2020) addicted to Noom was the idea that there was a “psychology of food.”

Yet, Shivani was able to transform this negative mindset as well as her attitude towards food due to her own experience through Noom the online health service that seeks to help people live healthier lives by making long-term behavior modifications. Noom gives users the tools necessary to improve their health and enhance their relationship with food. Noom affirms that its strategies are built on psychological principles, and is backed by research.

What initially got Shivani addicted to Noom was the idea that it was”the “psychology of food.” After she had completed her first lessons with Noom it became clear that she could alter her way of thinking about food, a thought process that was affected by her cultural and her upbringing.

Prior to Noom, Shivani followed her family’s habit of purchasing inferior quality food in bulk and never throwing away food by over eating what she was able to consume. Nowadays, she adheres to more healthy habits, such as proper portion control. She’s also investing on “quality, healthier food purchases,” making sure she doesn’t squander a bite, except that now these are all foods that she is comfortable putting into her body. “2021 was the year of change for me,” Shivani said. “[Noom] cost $80 [a year], and it wasn’t breaking the bank. Plus, I got a ridiculous New Year discount. No South Asian has ever paid full price for anything,” she remarked.

Shivani’s relationship to food isn’t the only improvement she has experienced since she joined Noom. Shivani had previously struggled with sleeping and was constantly anxious at work as a human resource professional. However, she was able to solve these issues with the tools offered to her by Noom coaches, whom she joked about referring in a humorous way as her own search engines. She also spoke about other positive changes to her life since joining Noom. “I fit much better in my clothes, and mentally, I have more energy,” she said. “I’m sleeping better, and I’m actually enjoying physical activities like walking–something I thought would never happen!”

Since joining this program back in 2021 Shivani has lost more than 40 pounds using the knowledge she gained from Noom like the control of portions, eating weighting and understanding the concept of calorie density. According Shivani, these were concepts she didn’t understand prior when she joined Noom and she believes that the lessons learned have helped her make a positive changes in her lifestyle.

The platform also gave her access to innovative and innovative products that were lower in calories and high in protein. She can remember being with her family in the dining room of a Chinese restaurant on Thanksgiving, because they couldn’t see past the blandness of the turkey. Today, she regards turkey to be a “protein game changer” of an ingredient. She said, “The reason why Noom has been successful with me is that it hasn’t been restrictive. You make choices, and over time, you learn how to make better choices. This program also has multiple different options and opens your mind and palette to [ingredients] you have never tried before.”

Finding exciting and new ingredients is an Noom discover that Shivani is most grateful for because she is passionate about cooking. She is particularly fond of exchanging the recipes of her South Asian heritage by posting on her Instagram traditional recipes that she used to love but using a healthy twist with a variety of the ingredients and choices of serving. “As a South Asian kid, you come out of the womb eating rice,” she recalls. “So the concept of serving curry over a salad was foreign to me. I tried it, and it was absolutely amazing!”

Since beginning Noom beginning in the month of January, 2021 Shivani is down nearly 40lbs.

Through her experience on Noom, Shivani expressed how the platform helped her feel fulfilled while she tackled the daily tasks , breaking complex concepts into digestible lessons. As an Noomer She was required to meet daily mini-challenges such as “stay within calorie budget” or “complete your daily classes.” The small achievements that she would be able to celebrate made the entire experience more enjoyable for her, as well as the feeling of accomplishment in the course of her journey.

Shivani completed the daily classes within six months. She is classed as an Noom Master within the program. She is still following the lifestyle changes and routines she developed, such as recording her meals and weight every single day. While she’s at this stage in her wellness journey, she is to be a lifetime Noomer and is always looking for healthy and innovative ingredients for her recipes.

“I really felt like Noom was curated for me, by me, because there were so many resources and directions I could take,” Shivani said. Shivani. There were many facets of the program, however Shivani discovered that she was enjoying the aspect of food education the most , in comparison to other topics like group support threads , or physical activities. The ability to concentrate on one thing made Shivani to take control of her own journey towards having more positive relationships with food. That’s why she would like to “share the wealth” by offering Noom to others in hopes that the program can aid others on the right path to an improved lifestyle.

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