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It’s been several months since Americans began getting vaccines and, as at press time, about 37 percent of the population has received their shots (roughly approximately 122 million). If you’re completely vaccinated you’re able to resume the things you were doing prior to the outbreak but without wearing masks or getting rid of yourself. It isn’t the case for places where it is mandatory by “federal and state, local or tribal laws, rules, or rules, which include local workplace and business guidance”per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Also, you must wear a mask whenever you travel, whether international or local, on buses, planes trains, or other types of transport.

That being said make sure you keep yourself and your family members safe by using one of the nation’s most sought-after mask brands: RespoKare. In 2013, they sold millions of masks RespoKare is proud of all its masks that feature their trademarked Virax technology that helps to kill pathogens and viruses “10,000 times more effective than an ordinary mask.”

It is the RespoKare N95 Respirator Plus comes with an National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approved medical-grade N95 mask which kills up to 99.99 percent of measles and coronavirus in less than one minute, in addition to 99.99 percent of the 15 flu virus strains in just 5 minutes. It’s designed for an ideal fit and comes in 3 sizes (small medium, medium, and large) and features the patent-pending technology that RespoKare is known for.

Similar to the RespoKare Anti-Viral Surgical Mask is an FDA-approved mask that uses similar technology that will keep your loved ones and you protected. It not only provides an incredibly comfortable and snug fit however, it’s “designed to achieve especially low airflow resistance for easy breathing.” It is available in sizes for adults and children. size (recommended for ages 5 to 10 years old).

The FDA approved and cleared masks were developed through studies and research conducted by its parent company Innonix Technologies Limited. Innonix Technologies Limited was where the scientists developed their distinctive masks, which have four layers. The two outer layers made of their proprietary technology. Its outer layer has hydrophilic which permits the rapid absorption of infectious drops to the antiviral layer (second layer).

There the viruses are quickly eliminated as the virus is “exposed to high localized concentrations of copper and zinc ions which destroy the viruses through ionic interactions with proteins and RNA or DNA.” The Fourth and third layer is those that are the “filter layer for fine particles” and the “layer that is liquid-resistant for final protection,” respectively.

In essence, the primary distinction between a regular mask and RespoKare mask is that RespoKare mask lies in the fact that, unlike the mask prior to it that, the droplets with infection may remain on the surface of the mask and run the risk of infecting you if you touch it. However, the mask that RespoKare uses quickly absorbs these droplets, traps them, and eliminate the droplets.

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