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Your relationships are essential to your wellbeing. The ones you have with your family, friends as well as loved ones others reflect of your personality, your values, behavior and feelings. What is your relationship to your health? Are you sucked into unhealthy eating and exercise routines? Noom, a first-of-its-kind digital health platform that has the mission of helping people live healthier lives, can help you with that.

Noom is based on science and uses behavior modification to assist users to identify and alter their bad behavior patterns while establishing healthy habits which support their goals for wellness. It is a highly engaging program designed to increase users’ understanding of psychology and habit-forming through bite-sized exercises and readings. Additionally, you’ll be assigned to an online support group for peer-to-peer as well as a coach. Together, they’ll aim to to keep you on track and help guide you along your fitness journey.

But can Noom actually help you enhance relationships with food? We spoke to three of the top Noomers regarding their personal experiences using the program.

Nyla Watson prior to becoming a member of Noom (left) as well after she joined Noom

Nyla Watson, who is 30, is Brooklyn, New York, educator and performer who came across Noom when she was watching YouTubers who were vegan. She was always active however, she was unhappy because she believed her size kept her from the things she could do. Before joining Noom, Nyla described her relationship with food as an “very unhealthy codependency” and states that she used food as a tool to cope with her emotional issues.

“There have been many times where I’ve labeled sadness, irritability, fatigue, or frustration as hunger because I was used to stuffing those emotions,” Nyla recalls. Since joining Noom Nyla says the process of figuring out the messages her body is seeking has been “revolutionary.” She says, “My body didn’t need food at those moments. I needed to journal, meditate, cry, ask for a hug, be vulnerable.”

Nyla adds “Noom gives you room to grow and bloom at your pace. I love it, though, because it really is a pace that allows for behavioral changes to become a lifestyle and not just a means to an end.” She loves how the lessons are connected and the way the tools work with one another. Additionally she appreciates the encouragement and encouragement that she gets from her group of peers and her coach.

“I am truly blooming into the person who I’ve always wanted to be, and I’m grateful to my mentors, my accountability partner, my Noom coach, and my Noom group for really transforming me into someone that I’m proud to be.”

Gary Paul Wright, 67 is the director-general of the African American Office of Gay Concerns (AAOGC) which is an organization that is based on community and dedicated to HIV treatment within Newark, New Jersey. “I’m originally from Texas,” Wright says. “I love beef, barbecue ribs, and an occasional chef’s salad.” He also said that while his physical routine has included things such as the treadmill run, performing free weights, and biking into his schedule but he was unable to achieve his body how he wanted to. “But I didn’t care because I considered myself ‘healthy.'”

As he was looking over photos of him participating in a group marches, Gary Paul saw something that inspired him to look closely at his physical condition. “What I noticed was that my stomach was actually leading the march–not the banner!” He proclaims. “I hadn’t realized just how I looked to others, and it didn’t dawn on me that I had gotten so big. It was time for some action.” After hearing the first time about Noom several years prior, he thought that it was the right time to take the first step to join the program.

Gary Paul admits that he was skeptical of whether Noom’s method for changing behavior would be effective for Gary Paul. He states, “Once I got the hang of ‘Noomology,’ I didn’t even pay attention to any changes–it was so subtle.” He claims he began to notice changes around one month of joining Noom. Then when he realized that cooking smaller portions at meals became the norm and he was focused on eating until satisfied, but not until the plate was full. After that, he started considering the scale of weighing as a friend.

“I liked the feeling that every day, I was moving closer to my goal weight,” he says. “What a joy to see it go from 205 pounds to 190 pounds, and then to 180 pounds.” One of the things Gary Paul has done is tracking his weight every day and that’s how his results were revealed in front of his eyes. “But the biggest change,” Gary Paul says, “was looking at my stomach shrinking in size. I didn’t realize it initially. It was like an epiphany. I examined my reflection and was really impressed by the reflection I observed.” His stomach was finally shrinking.

“After a while, it all just sank in,” he states, “and I realized that each small step led to big results.” Gary Paul said that the journey to fitness was simpler for him after he used the many tools Noom provides. He says that being involved in the program 100% helped. “The changes I made continued far after my initial goal was reached,” He states. He declares Noom his “best decision [he’s] made in years.

Martha Cameron, 36, is a blogger from Rolla, Missouri, who claims she was on the same cycle of eating less to shed weight, but after that, she failed to lose it. Prior to starting Noom the program, she claims her feelings about fitness and food was “very black and white.” She categorized every food item as good or bad, and was thinking exercising simply as way to rid herself of the fat she ate.

“Looking back, it was a terrible way to live,” Martha thinks. However, like Gary Paul, she says she began to notice changes after just a few months of becoming a noomer. She says that’s the time she stopped imposing rigid guidelines on herself in relation to diet and exercise as well as enhancing her relationships with both of them and her family in the process. “It all serves a different purpose in my life,” she elaborates. “Sometimes I eat for nutrition, but sometimes I eat for fun. I no longer feel any guilt, regret–or like I’ve failed–no matter what or how much I eat.” In regards to exercising, Martha shares, “Now, I work out because I enjoy it–not as a punishment for unhealthy food choices.”

“Noom guided me away from a diet mentality, where foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ and steered me toward a more relaxed attitude of losing weight on my own terms while eating the foods I love,” Martha states. She says she doesn’t stress about social gatherings, holidays and gaining weight all the time. She also says that Noom has helped to shift the way she views food from guilt to an optimistic place.

The experience she has had with the program has also enabled her to understand the reason why her health journey has changed the way it has during the previous time. “It was illuminating to learn more about why weight loss had been so hard for me and how to overcome some of those obstacles,” she recalls. She appreciates the fact that the psychological lessons were taught each day in brief, “digestible doses.” Martha states how she’s integrated Noom into her daily routine. “I’d wake up, read for 10 minutes, get my mind right, and get through my day,” she says, noting that Noom’s program was too difficult for her.

After a year and quarter of time using Noom, Martha confidently shares, “There’s zero fear about weight regain because my life, emotions, and thoughts about foods have completely changed.”

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