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The past two years have proved to be challenging for all. This is the reason why you might discover yourself (understandably) suffering from anxiety, stress and inability to enjoy a restful night’s rest. Being unable to get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night could result in negative effects on your body’s functioning, memory, and mood, which is why it’s crucial to take action as quickly as you can.

There have been many solutions to this over the years that range from speaking to your therapist , to meditation or using medication. However, Feelmore Labs, a wellness and technology firm is launching Cove the first wearable device that is said to have helped 90 % of its users manage stress and get better sleep.

Cove has worked with Feelmore Labs, led by Francois Kress, co-founder and CEO, for four years to develop its clinically validated device. Cove was developed by collaborating with top Neuroscientists Cove employs carefully-calibrated vibrations that are applied on the skin, to trigger a relaxation response within the brain.

The soothing function of affective Touch

Cove for better sleep and less stress

Humans are social animals and naturally seek comfort in touching their close friends and family members. It appears that there is an art of this kind of physical contact, referred to as affective or inter-individual touch. These words refer to a certain type of gentle and slow touch that can create enjoyable and relaxing sensations. In confirming its importance in social bonds the study of 2017 released in Scientific Reports: Nature Research shows that affective touch is a powerful way to create an underlying feeling of belonging and overall positive feelings.

The Cove team behind Cove has worked hard in collaboration with more than more than 3,500 participants in research studies, clinical studies, and exploratory studies to confirm their idea that a vibrating device, if properly calibrated, could trigger the brain’s affective-touch response to induce relaxation.

Feelmore Labs discovered a particular vibration pattern that , according to the brand, stimulates skin receptors that are specialized and, by doing so stimulates the brain’s affective touch response. The brand claims that this particular vibration pattern can help promote well-being and, in the long run may increase brain’s ability to cope with stress. In response to this finding the company created a system that harnesses the brain’s emotional tactile response. In doing so, gives an alternative to sleeping through the night and enduring stress.

Feelmore Labs’ Breakthrough in Improving Sleep and reducing Stress

Cove to help you sleep better and less stress

Cove’s advantages as wearable devices that can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality are supported with more than 4 years worth of research that include research conducted the work of Brown University and the work of a renowned scientist of Harvard Medical School.

The Dr. Leon Morales-Quezada instructor in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the Harvard Medical School said in an article from GearHungry: “While I’ve seen many companies introduce neurostimulation consumer products, only Feelmore Labs [the makers of Cove] has taken a purely scientific method to establish an evidence-based foundation to support its claims.”

Morales-Quezada also confirms it wearable device is “a form of stimulation that’s neither electric, ultrasonic or light …. It’s a new category of technology that is safe and efficacious.”

How and when to use Cove

Cove to help you sleep better and less stress

Many people enjoy wearing Cove in the morning, and then at night, but it can be worn anytime to suit your lifestyle and preferences. The duration of each session is just about 20 minutes. That’s the time required for Cove’s proprietary vibrations to stimulate the brain’s pathways that are related to the effective response to touch that can allow users to feel less and fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer. While many wear Cove at night however, it was not intended to be worn during sleep.

Cove is also equipped with its own mobile application. Apart from that, this application lets you plan Cove sessions to build a habit. It also has an “check-in” function that allows you to measure the improvement in sleeping patterns and levels of stress. Continuously updated to include new features and functions, the app is expected to provide users with data-driven insights on the ways in which Cove can improve their lives. In the present Feelmore Labs’ Feelmore Labs team is developing sophisticated algorithms to synthesize information from Cove’s sensors for heart rate, accelerometer and heart and session information for users to provide feedback on their overall health.

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