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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep active sexually as you enter menopausal. For many , it’s just slightly more challenging to start things up. Your body experiences a myriad of modifications throughout your lifetime and, for many women, menopausal changes are one of the most extreme. Low sex drives could be one of the problems that women experience as menopausal, however other causes could be behind the loss of sexual pleasure at this stage.

Estrogen and testosterone can influence increasing or reducing the libido of women. Women who age usually see a decline in estrogen levels in menopausal women and a fluctuation in levels during the stage of perimenopausal. But, there could be a rapid and abrupt onset of low estrogen for women who been surgically removed from their ovaries prior to menopausal onset, or are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. (Ovaries are the primary source of the production of testosterone and estrogen for women.) Because testosterone and estrogen are essential to the female sex drive it can be challenging to sexually stimulated without these hormones.

Researchers have found that for certain people it is common to experience a lengthy depression between the 30s and your 60s. Although the most common term used to describe the period can be described as “midlife crisis,” the term isn’t regarded as a medical diagnosis. Midlife crises are usually associated with episodes of anxiety and depression often felt during this time. This is why depression at this phase of life can cause you to lose interest in sexual pleasure as it can affect your sexual libido.

The years leading up to your retirement years could be turbulent for your work and family life. Stressors are exacerbated by the factors in your social circle: aging parents and friends, beginning of illnesses, concerns about your children’s future and safety, and other external factors such as economics, politics and social injustices which could affect your daily life. When you’re dealing with a multitude of obligations and concerns that they can affect your health and cause your requirements and satisfaction unimportant thing in your own mind.

Although certain medications can help to treat certain conditions Some of them could affect your sexual desire. As per the Cleveland Clinic, over-the-counter medication such as decongestants and antihistamines, along with prescription drugs like hormones and antidepressants may affect your sexual sexual desire and sexual responsiveness in sexual intimacy.

As you age you could face more health issues and some of them could cause sexual dysfunction, or lack of sexual satisfaction. This includes diabetes, neurologic disorders, cardiovascular disease as well as kidney- or liver-related issues. Although any health issue can cause enough anxiety to make sexual intimacy less of a priority for you, certain conditions physical factors can hinder your sexual desire. Cardiovascular and diabetes-related diseases can cause a decrease in the flow of blood to your genitals, making you less likely to experience sexual excitement.

Although wisdom is usually a trait that occurs with age but it’s still possible to experience issues with your man during menopausal times and even though the problems that arise are likely to be less serious than they were when you were in the 20s. Every relationship experiences difficult times however, it’s during these periods that your sexual activities can be an hit…including those who are older.

It can be more difficult to get an orgasmic experience during menopausal stages. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up the quest for a satisfying sexual desires entirely. It may take some time to get adjusted to but being able to adjust to your evolving body’s needs will ultimately benefit you and your partner.

Spice Things Up

Who thinks you’re too old to indulge in your sexual fantasies? If you’re sure that both of your significant other are interested Consider intensifying the heat in your bedroom and discover new ways to have fun with sexual intimacy. You can watch adult movies with your partner, play the role of a player, or even read sexually explicit stories.

It is worth exploring adult-oriented toys that can stimulate sexual excitement. Indeed, some depend on sex toys to assist in the fight against sexual dysfunction caused by illnesses, medication and, obviously, menopausal symptoms. As per the North American Menopause Society, vibrators and sex toys may help women who are struggling in sexual functioning, particularly with the help of a Therapist.

Because it takes a longer time to get sexually enthralled during menopausal times it is possible to use these times to benefit yourself by participating to more in foreplay. Many people skip foreplay altogether and proceed into a sexual relationship. What they have they miss out on the chance to trigger your partner’s other sexually erogenous areas to keep them arousing for longer , and to intensify the sexual the sex.

If you’ve not been open about your sexual desires to your partner previously it’s more crucial to talk about it when you’re having a harder time finding sexual fulfillment. Sharing your thoughts about your desires or dislikes as well as sexual fantasies can also help create a new degree in intimacy for you with your loved one. If you let your loved one know that you’re willing to experiment with new ways with them, it can make them feel more connected to youas well.

There are plenty of sexual enhancements for men however, there aren’t so many options for women. Fortunately, women’s health business Bonafide Health is on a task to address the most common female health issues, like intimate issues that arise during menopausal. Ristela is a food supplement that can assist women to achieve sexual pleasure in all aspects, from arousal to orgasm. 

A non-hormone and non-steroid tablet, Ristela is formulated with an exclusive blend of plant extracts–French maritime pine bark extract Larginine, the L-citrulline and rosehip extracts that will work together to improve circulation to vaginal region and also to enhance stimulation. Through three separate clinical trials for premenopausal and perimenopausal and menopausal women Ristela was reported to show significant improvement in the scores of participants in the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). The questionnaire is a common method for evaluating the sexual performance of women. The improvements were evident within a single month, but the best results were reported to be seen at two months or more. With Ristela it’s not only about sexual satisfaction, but also about improving it.

To find a more comprehensive remedy for the sexual requirements of women who are menopausal, look into taking a look at the Revaree plus Ristela package by Bonafide Health. Revaree is a non-hormone vaginal implant designed to control dryness of the vagina that is a common sign of menopausal. It may help to increase the vaginal lubrication to ease irritation as well as painful and burning sex because of dryness. When used in conjunction together with Ristela, Revaree doesn’t just aid in daily comfort, but can also assist in enhancing sexual sensitivity when in intimate.

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