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It’s been over an entire year since your days of working and learning at home started and some might be noticing that they’re spending more time with their electronic devices than they were before. In actuality, a 2020 survey conducted by the company that conducts market research Ipsos found that a majority of Americans were spending more time with their smartphones (59 percent) or watching TV (59 percent) as well as on their PC (55 percent) as well as on tablets (31 percent) as well as using video games (25 per cent) since the outbreak began.

They also expressed concern about how much time that they’re spending looking at screens. Sixty percent of people interviewed in the poll acknowledged that they were concerned about the effects that increased screen time could affect their eyes.

What is it that people are concerned about? In recent years, the public were much more conscious of the effect that blue light from laptops, monitors for desktops, or other gadgets can impact their eye health.

Wearing a pair of blue light-resistant eyeglasses could aid in reducing the exposure to blue light and the health risks that they could cause. What is blue light? And how can a pair of blue light glasses help you fight it?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum , and is one of the longest, most intense wavelengths that are emitting by phones, computers televisions, computers, and even fluorescent light sources. These high-energy wavelengths travel through the lens and cornea towards the retina. the results of a study in 2018 suggested these powerful wavelengths to possible problems like dry eyes cataracts, dry eye and age-related macular degeneration. The study also revealed that blue light can trigger the brain and thus stopping the production of melatonin. This hormone that plays an important part in the cycle of sleep and wake.

A Harvard study examined the effects of blue light and green light. The study concluded that blue light may reduce more melatonin. After six and an hour of either green or blue light exposure, those who were exposed to blue lights were able to alter circadian rhythms for two times as long (three hours, versus just one and a half hours).

Fortunately, there are some protective eyeglasses on the market currently that lessen the eye strain caused by blue light. Take a look at BluTech Lenses from Befitting, that could become your new go-to resource for online shopping for chic glasses.

A study from The American Academy of Optometry indicates that BluTech lenses could help almost double the levels of melatonin in one’s sleep and can improve the quality of sleeping. Are you finding yourself annoyed after spending the entire day watching your screen? The study also revealed that BlueTech lenses can dramatically reduce the perception of anger.

What is it that makes BluTech lenses special? In contrast to other lenses that block blue light BluTech protection is built into the lens’ materials. BluTech’s studies show that its lenses can block as much as 20 percent blue light. This is more than twice the protection of lenses that are coated with blue light shielding.

You can protect not just your eyes, but as well your sleep and mood by wearing one of these trendy and trendy glasses by BluTech lens from Befitting.

The BluTech lenses that are part of this collection from Polaroid come with a fashionable, glossy frame , with silver accents. It’s equipped with the brand’s distinctive concealed rainbow hinge. You don’t have to worry about the traditional rectangular design because it’s not likely to disappear from the fashion scene anytime soon.

Purchase this frame now for $84. Enter the code LENSSALE60 when you checkout to receive free lenses made of clear polycarbonate for this frame.

The ’70s are calling and you may be answering the rotary telephone. These frames could make you feel more comfortable with the vintage style while looking at your contemporary laptop. The gunmetal gray and black hoops on the ear provide the timeless aviator look the modern look. It is possible to make this look one of your own, and put these glasses on every night and day.

Get this frame today at a price of $70. Enter the code LENSSALE60 at checkout to receive no-cost clear polycarbonate lenses when you purchase this frame.

Are you a fan of aviators but silver isn’t your preference? Do you want to give this golden frame an opportunity? You can show your colleagues you’re serious during the next Zoom meeting, while impressing them with reports on expenses. You could then take them out while you head off in a hot convertible for your next trip. Whatever the case frame you choose, these could be in your arsenal to help you take control of your business without compromising your fashion.

You’ll appear “dawn” good when you wear these striking frames from Robert Graham. These glasses are angular and feature a dark, black front that screams business, and the sly patterns on the sides can be interpreted as party. From the layers of colors as well as the timeless Clark Kent shape, you may be looking for reasons to sit at your computer only to put on these glasses.

Purchase this pair today for just $180. Make use of the coupon LENSSALE60 when you checkout to get no-cost clear polycarbonate lenses when you purchase this frame.

Eyes that look like the eyes of a cartoon character is a trend that’s been gaining popularity over the past decade or more. It’s possible to achieve this appearance with this stylish frame and its square gray lenses. If you’re looking to bring out your “professional” in “young professional,” the silver-rimmed frames could bring an element of professionalism to your outfit. If you’re not a fan of the grey frames, go for a more soothing blue style.

Get this frame today for just $93. Enter the coupon code LENSSALE60 at checkout to receive no-cost clear polycarbonate lenses when you purchase this frame.

You could appear cool and calm with these stunning frames. With a rim that is blocky and thick edges, they can inspire a sense of fun without looking too geeky. With these blue lenses with classic 90s-style frames that you could be able to play for hours Super Mario 64, or the other video game from your childhood you’ve missed.

Its Perry Ellis number might be simple and unassuming however, it has lots of style. It’s possible to wear this style in the evening. The wire-rim style that is a part of this black silver frame is a symbol of sophistication and minimalistic. There is no reason to hesitate about adding this classic pair to your collection.

Blue frames that shade blue light? It could be an beautiful combination. This stylish and elegant pair is made for everyday use, and comes from the range of Befitting glasses. The transparent blue-gray frames are paired with sleek gunmetal temples to create glasses that will leave you looking stylish but not feeling stressed.

Get this frame now for $89. Enter the code LENSSALE60 at checkout to receive no-cost clear polycarbonate lenses when you purchase this frame.

Eyes are the main windows into the soul Therefore, why not attempt to clean those eyes with a near-transparent frame from Marchon NYC? The light beige hue on these frames made of plastic and with tiny gold details can provide a glamorous look to enhance those gorgeous eyes.

With these frames you, you could imagine getting your copilot on board and heading for the cockpit. You could also have a cup of coffee and heading to work. With these chic frames for aviators, nobody is going to know whether you’re about to fly or stop for a cup of coffee to power through your long hours. The gold frames are thin and are a perfect match with the red-brown accents for a fantastic mix of retro style and modern edge.

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