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Many women are aware of the worry of never having a pads or tampon for menstrual flow at to hand during their menstrual cycle. If your period is coming and you’re not prepared choosing pads or tampons you’re not used to can be uncomfortable. In addition, the use of pads and tampons are major sources of menstrual waste. According to the market and data on consumer behavior provider Statista the use of tampons was reported for 34.1 million females in the U.S. in 2020. In addition, as per information published in a article published by National Geographic, most of the tampons that are used by women in the United States end up in garbage dumps as plastic which contributes to the environmental issue both in the United States as well as elsewhere around the world.

This is the area where Swedish brand Intimina can be of assistance. In the years since 2009 Intimina is providing females with products that are eco-friendly and meet their needs, particularly when they are menstrual cycles are in full swing. Intimina also has made it their purpose to dispel myths about menstruation and provide trustworthy information regarding all female reproductive health issues.

One such product Intimina provides is the menstrual cup which can be used as an alternative to conventional menstrual products. Menstrual cups are constructed of medical-grade silicone that is flexible and flexible. You can use the cup by inserting it in your vagina at the time of your menstrual period to take in menstrual fluid. It is possible to empty the cup in between 4 and 12 hours, based on the flow of your menstrual cycles. A typical cup can last for 10 years. Intimina’s cups for menstruation come in various sizes and styles They’re recyclable and environmentally friendly.

If you switch towards a menstrual cup you can to reduce the amount of waste from menstrual cycles created in the world. The blog of Intimina Intimina spoke about the harmful impacts of plastic products such as Tampons on the environment including oceans, and how they can cause the death of marine creatures. If you’re interested in knowing the environmental impacts of your personal consumption of menstrual items, Intimina’s Greentimina calculator will tell you the amount of waste produced by the use of disposable products. It also calculates how much you’ve spent on products for menstrual cycles.

Every purchase made of an Intimina product comes with a guide to ensure proper placement and insertion along with cleaning and maintenance guides as well as other tips to help. Intimina is running a promo through its site, which allows you to get 15 percent off the majority of its items.

Are you ready to transition to eco-friendly and cost-effective products for menstrual health? Intimina may have the best products for you, with the Menstrual Care collection. Like all things, the prices shown may change with time.

Menstrual Care Line

The Intimina Menstrual Care line includes four cups for menstrual flow including Lily Cup, the Lily Cup, the Lily Cup One and the Lily Cup Compact and the Ziggy Cup.

If you’re a little hesitant to test a menstrual cup and aren’t sure if you should, you might want to consider the Lily Cup One could be the perfect starter kit. It’s specially designed for those who have never tried menstrual cups before and comes with a slimmer design with a loop on the top to make it easier to remove. It’s accompanied by a compact case that protects it so you can keep it in your bag throughout the day. Even though it’s smaller than the other models, it’s still recommended to people who have high to moderate flow.

If you’re in need of a menstrual cup that will get you through your day it is a good idea to think about this Lily Cup.

As with the other Intimina menstrual cups like the others, the Lily Cup is a reusable cup made from medical-grade silicone. You don’t need to worry about leaving marks on your clothing since it comes with a non-spill edge that can be used up to 8 hours. It is available in two sizes: B and A. It is recommended to use the A size designed for people who have moderate flow. The B size is for those who’s pelvic floor require support or suffer from heavy flow.

The Lily Cup Compact features a unique collapsible design.

If you like carrying a menstrual cup around in your pocket throughout the day, it’s possible that Lily Cup Compact could be the ideal solution. It comes with the same features of that of the Lily Cup, the compact version is the first menstrual cup that can be collapsed. It is easy to keep in your purse and be ready if your period occurs suddenly.

Ziggy Cup Ziggy Cup could be ideal for women who would like to have a sexual experience in their periods.

The final product from Intimina’s Menstrual Care collection is the Ziggy Cup, with its innovative design. It is reusable and has an impervious double rim that allows the use of it even during sexual activity. It was deemed one of the top models in the cosmetics or care categories during the iF Design Awards 2021 because of its petal-thin silicone , and flat-fit modelthat allows for sexual activities without discomfort.

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